Product Range
  • Long Products

  • These are sourced from the renowned manufacturers who have all the quality certifications, approvals & have the third party accreditations like ISO, PED etc.
    These products are available in all materials & grades of stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel.

    Product Offered :

    • Hot rolled bars, billets, R.C.S., Forging Ingots, Continuous Cast Billets : These are best used for all forging application like open die & close die forging, ring rolling, re-rolling etc. These products are supplied in various sizes, ultrasonically tested, spot ground or fully ground surface, heat treated annealed, solution annealed, hardened, quenched & tempered. These are free of surface defects, cracks & all the material are also tested with portable spectrometer. These are cold saw able, cold shear able, hard stamped with heat number & grade, have smooth ends with no sharp edges.
    • Square & Hexagonal Bars : These are available in all materials & in specifications like en, din, jis, BS, ASME etc. & have tolerances of h9 & h11. These bars are carefully controlled during heat treatment & quenching process to get a best product with increased consistency in mechanical properties for better machinability.
    • Bright Round Bars : These bright round bars are well suited for better machining purposes & are supplied in various conditions like cold drawn bars, center less ground bars, peeled & polished bars, rough peeled bars, smooth turned bars etc.
    • Precision Shafting Bars : These cold worked precision bars have a superior finish & are produced with ultra modern technique. These precision bars are used for shafts and have a huge application in pumps, piston, valve etc.
    • Flat Bars, Angles, Channels, Wire & wire rods : These products have a wide use in structural applications. Flat bars are either hot rolled annealed & pickled or cold drawn & polished. Stainless steel angles are hot rolled, annealed & pickled. These ranges of products are available in metric & inch sizes.