Product Range
  • Pre Fabricated Pipe Spools

  • We are qualified to source pre-fabricated piping systems & spools from ASME ( American society of mechanical engineers ) approved manufacturers who are well equipped with world class facilities for quality control, raw material testing, pneumatic test,  hydraulic test, heat treatment  etc. 

    These manufacturers are providing these pre-fabricated piping systems & spools for power, process & OEM piping systems, in carbon steel, alloy steel & stainless steel. 

    Pre Fabricated Piping System
    Submerged Arc Welded Pipes. Pressure Vessels, Piping Manifolds and Steam, Headers,
    Steam Separators, IBD/CBD Tanks, Desuper Heater Vessels, Boiler Components,
    Sample Coolers, Super Heater Coils, Boiler Tubes, Pipe Supports etc.